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Updated: Mar 31, 2023

I sent my baby off to bed,

Sugarplums dancing round his head.

I packed his lunch,

Laid out his clothes.

Checked him once more,

To cover his toes.

Off I went to bed that night,

Not knowing my baby would have to fight.

Fight for his life.

Fight for his friends.

Fight to hopefully see me again.

Off to school, he went the next day.

Excited for all the games he would play.

A kiss,

a hug,

and “I’ll see you soon.”

I told him I loved him, way past the moon.

Hours went by, all was fine.

Until I saw “breaking news” online.

Everyone’s asking if my son is okay.


This can’t be happening.

There’s just no way.

I rushed to the school still in denial.

My heart is pounding, with every mile.

Was he scared,

Was he safe,

Would I again see his face.

I can’t

I can’t

I can’t write the truth.

I can’t write about the slaughtering of youth.

They’re killing the children, future so bright.

They’re killing the children, in plain sight.

They’re killing the children, just make it end.

How we allow it, I can’t comprehend.

It can happen to me.

It can happen to you.

So tell me,

So tell me,

What do we do?

-Renee Estrella

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